Please watch out when ordering any item you didn't originally want. For apparel, an exchange can be made due to possible sizing issues.

For any exchanges, you are responsible for returning the items back and then paying again for shipping of the item that you would rather keep.

Being that I am a full-time artist, mother, and small business, the time for me to prepare an order may take up to two-three weeks, depending what type of item - though my usual goal to send a package out is between 3-7 days. I make sure to securely package each of my products.

*Pre-orders* take between 15-50 days production time + X amount of days for shipping out item, depending on what type of item. Due to Coronavirus issue, it takes more time to receive bulk orders on our side that we have going for the store! So patience is key for both us business and our customers. We make sure to keep everyone up to date on everything, especially pre-order items! Please always read each description in listings to know if you are about to order a pre-order item or not.

If any issues with an order or just any general questions regarding the store, always contact me via email or through the contact page.

Damaged goods are not always replaceable (for ex. Original art). Buyer must understand the many issues that can go wrong during the shipping process. Not all items are insured, but we try to do what we can to resolve the issue (of course, depending what issue it might be).

If an item is marked 'delivered' in your tracking number but isn't physically there, there could be many reasons! You must go to your local post office to find out what went wrong. It is out of our control at that point, but it is important to check first with your local post office before jumping into conclusions.